How To: Drive an ATV 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler

In this video series, watch as Jared Cummings teaches you how to ride an ATV. Learn how to start the quad, the basic riding gear needed, how to brake and turn on a 4-wheeler, how to ride up and down a hill, how to avoid things, and basic safety tips to remember.

How To: Maintain an ATV

ATV's are not like a car or truck. They need a much stricter maintenance routine that is based on hours of use and not miles. This video goes over checking and changing oil and other requirements for ATV's.

How To: Maintain and repair your ATV

In this atv maintenance video series, learn ATV maintenance tips from certified Polaris mechanic Tom Roland. Tom will teach you necessary Polaris ATV maintenance based on professional atv maintenance manuals and service schedules. You will learn about the parts of an ATV, such as a Polaris 500. Tom will teach you about replacing the air filter on a Polaris ATV, how to change the oil in a Polaris ATV, how to check the suspension on an ATV, how to check the tie rods on an ATV, and how to diagno...

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